Hair Smoothing

Keratin Hair Smoothing At haircreations Salons In Dublin

Dry, damaged, unruly and frizzy hair can become a thing of the past with the revolutionary Cocochoco Hair Smoothing Treatment at Hair Creations Salons in Blackrock and Blanchardstown, near Dublin.

After your hair smoothing treatment, your hair will be more manageable, easier to style and will be resistant to humidity for up to three months, depending on your lifestyle and adherence to aftercare instructions.  It will look healthy, silky and shiny.

Also known as a Brazilian Blow Dry, this hair smoothing treatment injects keratin deep into the hair cuticle to improve texture, condition and hair elasticity. As a result, your hair will stay straight, silky and frizz-free for around three months depending on your original hair condition and how well you look after it post-treatment.

Straighter Hair For Up To 3 Months 

Following your hair smoothing treatment at our hairdressing salons near Dublin, your hair will remain straight and smooth for up to three months.

Your hair will be silky smooth and manageable after every wash which means you can say goodbye to frizzy hair, curls and hair that goes wild when it's hot or humid! This keratin based treatment also protects hair from environmental pollutions, chlorine and UV radiation.  Just bear in mind that you may wish to come in for another treatment when your new hair regrowth appears. 

Your Hair Creations hair smoothing specialist will give you all the after-care advice needed to keep your hair looking fabulous for as long as possible.

Can I Colour My Hair After a Straightening Treatment?

You can colour your hair either two weeks before, or two weeks after, your Cocochoco Hair Smoothing Treatment.   

For the best hair colour results, those who want to bleach or highlight their hair should aim to do this 2 weeks before your hair smoothing appointment. 

Clients who visit us for a non-bleach hair colour should do this 2 weeks after the treatment. 

How Should I Look After My New Smooth Hair? 

For longer lasting smooth hair results, we recommend that you avoid exposing your hair to chlorine and other harsh chemicals that can be found in the ocean, swimming pools, in water softeners and excessive human perspiration.  

Speak to your Hair Creations hair smoothing specialist for advice on the best after care products.  

We recommend that you visit us when your new hair regrowth comes in so that we can maintain your smoother look. 

Can I Put My Hair Into A Ponytail After A Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Please avoid making any impressions on your newly smooth hair for up to 72 hours.

This means no hair clips, no ponytails, no hats or sunglasses for at least 3 days. 

When Can I Wash My Hair After A Brazilian Blow Dry?

To ensure you get the most out of your hair smoothing treatment, please wait three days before washing your hair or swimming.

If your hair becomes wet in the first 72 hours, dry it as quickly as possible and smooth it over with a hair straightener.

How Often Will I Need A Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Most people come in for another treatment after 4-8 weeks. This depends on your hair growth because, once your natural hair starts to grow through, you will lose the smoothing effects on the new growth.

Check out some of our fabulous smooth hair creations below.  Whether you want a hair smoothing treatment or a smooth blow dry, we are here to help with your hair needs.

Book A Keratin Hair Smoothing Consultation At haircreations In Dublin

If you are interested in our keratin hair smoothing treatment, please book in for an initial consultation by calling our Blackrock salon on (01) 288 4121 or our Blanchardstown salon on (01) 821 0694 - or you can book online here.

Please note: Hair smoothing appointments are only bookable after an initial consultation. This is to allow your stylist to determine your hair length, type and texture before explaining the process, timings, expected results and giving you a price.