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Perfect Perms At Hair Creations Hairdressers In Dublin

Thanks to curly hair making a comeback, perms are now more popular than ever! When you think of a perm, you may imagine the tight curly perms from the 1980s… Well, the perming technique has changed a lot since then. Now, at Hair Creations Hair Salons in Ireland, we can create more natural-looking curls that are in excellent condition.

Whether you had a perm back in the 80s and want to relive your curly hair days, or you’ve never had curly hair before and want to try a modern perm, our hair salons in Blackrock and Blanchardstown are the best hairdressers for curly hair services!

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Curls and Perms at Top Dublin Hairdressers Hair Creations

Perms For Voluminous Curls

If you have straight hair but you’ve always wanted curls, then a perm is the perfect hair service for you. At Hair Creations Hairdressing Salons, our stylists are highly trained in the art of perming which is why our clients consider us to be the curly hair experts in Dublin. We can create soft curls, full of movement and volume that lasts!

Important: Before your perming treatment, you must have a hair consultation.

Curls & Perms Consultations

During your perm consultation, one of our friendly stylists will assess your hair type and ask you about your hair history (such as whether you’ve had your hair coloured before, or a chemical service, and how much heat styling you use). You may also be asked about what shampoo, conditioner and styling products you use – this is all to help find out whether your hair is a good candidate for perming!

To check that your hair is in the right condition to perm, we will perform a wet stretch test and perm test a very small section of your hair. For your curly hair consultation, please make sure your hair is freshly washed with no product in it and in its natural state (no styling tools used). We ask this as this will show us best how your hair will respond to perming.

Make sure to let us know what you want your desired curl result to be! The best way to show this is through photos of the curly hair you want your hair to look like.

Please note: The perm process will likely take around a minimum of three hours.

Perm Hairstyles For Men

Curly hair has also become a top hair trend for men’s hair. This has led to more and more men getting perms to create that naturally curly hairstyle. At Hair Creations Hair Salons in Ireland, we also cater to men’s hair – including perms for men!

So, if you’ve been eyeing up a curly hairstyle but you weren’t sure how to create that look, just book in for an appointment at our Blackrock or Blanchardstown hair salon so that we can create the hairstyle that you want.

Book An Appointment At Hair Creations Hair Salons in Ireland

If you want to transform your straight hair into gorgeous, natural-looking curls then book your perm appointment at Hair Creations Hairdressers in Blackrock and Blanchardstown. To book your appointment click the button at the top of the page or call your local Hair Creations Hair Salon.