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be a model at Hair Creations Salons in Dublin

Hair Models Wanted At haircreations Salons In Blackrock & Blanchardstown

Do you have what it takes to model for Hair Creations Salons in Dublin?  We are looking for hair models to help our trainee hairdressers further their skills.  Model appointments are available at a discount and we will work with you to ensure you end up with a hairstyle or colour you love.

Rest assured that our trainees will be fully supervised while creating your new haircut or hair colour.  Your image may be used on our website, in industry magazines, in competitions and you may be invited to take part in model photoshoots and catwalks so we can showcase your hair.

Why Be a Class Model?

Being a Class Model goes beyond a new hairstyle; it's an opportunity to contribute to the growth of budding hairstylists. Our trainees, under the guidance of experienced instructors, are eager to showcase their skills, and we would love for you to be a part of this exciting process.

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How to Get Started

Express Your Interest:

Call us at 01 2884162 (Blackrock) or 01 8210694 (Roselawn). Let us know you want to be a Class Model.

Schedule a Consultation:

We'll arrange a convenient time for a consultation.

During the consultation, we'll discuss your preferences, conduct a patch test for colour, and explore your colour history.

Appointment Confirmation:

Following the consultation, we'll confirm your appointment based on your preferences with the appropriate trainee.

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Important Information

Limited Availability:

Class Models are accommodated on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule sessions on other days.

Generally, morning sessions start at 10am and afternoon sessions start at 2pm and 4pm.

Patch Test for Colour:

As part of the consultation, a patch test for colour will be conducted to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Changing Nature of Trainee Development:

Due to the evolving nature of a trainee's development journey, model requirements may change.

Regrettably, we cannot guarantee repeat bookings or accept appointments more than 3 weeks in advance.

Be a Hair Model at haircreations Salons In Dublin

To ensure prompt assistance, please call for all enquiries at 01 2884162 (Blackrock) or 01 8210694 (Roselawn). Due to limited resources, we may not regularly check emails/Instagram. Thanks for your understanding!

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