Balayage & Highlighting

Creative Hair Colour At Dublin's Top Hair Salons 

At Hair Creations Salons in Blackrock and Blanchardstown, our hair colour experts work with the very best Wella Professionals products to create stunning hair colour results, including Balayage and Highlighting. With every hair colour service, we include a complimentary Colour Lock treatment to ensure your colour remains vibrant and beautiful for as long as possible.

Balayage continues to be a top trend when it comes to hair colouring because it looks fantastic with its sun-kissed vibe, and is a great low-maintenance hair colour option.  

We offer a wide range of hand-painted hair colour techniques and looks. To ensure you get the perfect balayage, why not show some images of looks you love to your colour technician and we can help you to understand further?

Please note:  We are a colour responsible salon so may ask you to pop in for a quick allergy alert test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment. 

Your Balayage Consultation

Your expert colourist will provide an in-depth consultation discussing the many hair colour shades, tones and techniques specifically suited to your hair type. It’s important for your colourist to assess your hair needs to ensure you get the colour that’s right for you. Have a think about the following questions:

  • What hair colour look do you desire?
  • Do you want sun-kissed balayage or something bolder?
  • What is your hair colour history?
  • Have you brought a picture of the balayage look you like?

Now you're ready to book your appointment!  Simply call Hair Creations in Blackrock on (01) 288 4121 or Blanchardstown on (01) 821 0694.

Balayage v Ombre

Balayage is a bespoke hair colouring technique where the hair is usually lightened towards the ends in certain areas, with scattered highlights through the roots, to achieve a natural sun-kissed look.

Ombré hair colouring has two contrasting tones, usually with the darker colour at the roots becoming lighter towards the ends of the hair in a clearer gradient. 

Root stretching is another alternative which is where we stretch the colour from your roots, making it lighter towards the ends. This is a popular technique to blend away noticeable root regrowth.

The techniques of balayage hair colour are continually evolving, our team love keeping up with the latest trends and can offer variations of balayage including foilayage, colour melting and the increasingly popular face framing technique, otherwise known as moneypiece highlights.

Blonde Balayage


 Balayage can be created on any hair colour base but the most popular has to be blonde balayage, which is the most asked-for balayage colour around because it gives a natural-looking sun-kissed hair colour that looks, quite simply, stunning!

Blonde balayage is a great way of lightening darker hair colours with lower maintenance than traditional highlights. Our balayage specialists in Dublin may use two or three different blonde shades to create your beautiful blonde balayage. 

We will suggest hair colours that work with your base hair colour, skin tone and eye colour to help your colour look as natural as possible.

At Hair Creations salon in Dublin, we have a dazzling array of blonde hair colours including golden blondes, ash blondes, platinum blondes and strawberry blondes! 

Balayage For Brunettes

Brunette balayage at Hair Creations Salons near Dublin

Does your brunette hair colour feel flat, dull or lifeless? If your brunette hair colour needs a little lift, we can create the beautiful sun-kissed hair colour you've been hankering after. 

Our hair colour experts at Hair Creations can lift your hair colour by scattering some bespoke balayage highlights throughout your tresses.

Brunettes can look sensational with red or caramel hair colours which can be added to sections where your hair naturally catches the light to show off your beautiful new balayage effect.

With balayage, the root regrowth is barely noticeable, making balayage the most low-maintenance hair colour technique around. 

If you are looking to transition your brunette to a lighter colour, speak to us about how balayage could be the perfect hair service to gradually lighten your colour without compromising the condition of your hair. 

Highlights V Balayage

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Traditional highlights are when specific sections of the hair are woven and lightened from the root through to the ends with the same amount of colour used throughout the length. Specific sectioning techniques are used to make sure hair is evenly highlighted to avoid a streaky finish. The woven sections of hair are folded into foils to prevent the colour bleeding onto the non-highlighted sections.

Balayage is a more visual technique of colouring your hair, allowing your Hair Creations colourist to tailor your hair colour to your individual needs. It is applied in a freehand manner, with lighter pieces are blended throughout, starting very fine at the top of the hair and gradually getting thicker though the mid-lengths and ends. Balayage highlights are placed where best to complement your hair cut, facial features and skin tones to give a natural finish. 

Which you choose would depend upon the effect you desire and your maintenance needs. 

Beautiful Balayage Hair Colours By Hair Creations!

Check out some of the beautiful balayage hair colours created by our talented colour technicians at Hair Creations in Blackrock and Blanchardstown.  If you've seen a colour you desire, just let us know. Show us a photo and tell us about the look you would like.  We can help you find a beautiful colour that suits your skin tone, eye colour and sense of style.

balayage hair colour experts in Blanchardstown and Blackrock Dublin
balayage hair colour experts in Blanchardstown and Blackrock Dublin
balayage hair colour experts in Blanchardstown and Blackrock Dublin
Balayage at Hair Creations Salons in Blackrock and Blanchardstown Dublin
Balayage at Hair Creations Salons in Blackrock and Blanchardstown Dublin

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