Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction At Dublin's Top Hair Salons 

At Hair Creations Salons in Blackrock and Blanchardstown, we know how difficult it is to get your perfect hair colour at home, no matter what the adverts say.

If you've had a hair colour disaster at home or even at another salon, we are here to help. Book in for a colour correction consultation so we can assess the damage and come up with a plan for your hair - we've got you covered!

Please note:  We are a colour responsible salon so ask that you pop in for a quick allergy alert test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment. 

Your Hair Colour Correction Consultation

Your expert colourist will assess your hair colour and condition. We will discuss the hair colour that you desire and create a plan to restore the condition and colour of your hair. Please note that it may take more than one appointment for us to achieve your hair colour goals but your Hair Creations expert will explain this to you clearly.  Have a think about the following questions:

  • How do you feel about the condition of your hair now?
  • What colour would you love your hair to be?
  • What is your colour history over the last year?
  • Are you able to regularly revisit the salon to maintain your colour and condition?
  • Would you be happy to cut your hair if it is badly damaged?
  • Have you brought a picture of a hair colour you like?

 Call Hair Creations in Blackrock on (01) 288 4121 or Blanchardstown on (01) 821 0694 to book your consultation.

Common Hair Colour Problems

There are a number of things that can go wrong when you colour your hair at home so let's look at the most common issues.

A common home hair colour issue is patchy hair colour where colour has been unevenly applied (no judgement, it's hard to apply evenly on yourself!) or has 'taken' too quickly on dry, over-processed hair. 

Another hair colour issue is hair that doesn't look like the colour on the box!  Sometimes we see clients who have tried to go from brunette to platinum blonde without pre-lightening their hair - the result of this is usually an unnatural orange shade. 

Hair that is over-processed and over-bleached can end up fluffy, frizzy, dry and prone to breakage.

Whatever the issue may be, we are here to help. Our colour experts deal with colour issues every day and are highly trained to rectify problems.

The best thing to do is book is book in for a hair consultation with one of our colour specialists. We will assess the condition of your hair, work out a plan to repair any damage and restore your colour, explain the process, timescale and price.

The cost of your hair colour correction service will vary depending on how many appointments are needed. 

We understand that having a hair colour issue can be deeply distressing so we will do all we can to get you in ASAP.


Professional Hair Colour VS Box Dye

What's the difference between professional hair colour and supermarket box dyes? To be honest, it's the difference between night and day!

If you have virgin hair with absolutely no grey then you might be able to get away with adding a box dye colour to your hair. However, you risk ending up with a one-dimensional hair colour that looks a bit flat and dull.

Root regrowth will also be an issue with box dye, as colouring the whole head can leave your roots a different colour to your lengths.

When you book into one of our Dublin hair salons, you are putting your hair into the hands of highly skilled experts who have trained for years to understand the science behind hair colouring.

We can create hair colours which flatter your complexion rather than a "one size fits all" approach. We can also blend colours to give you a more natural look, or ramp up the hair colour to give vibrant, dynamic shades if that is your desire. 

If your hair has been previously coloured, there is an art to blending your root regrowth for a seamless hair colour look. 

Beautiful Hair Colour By Hair Creations!

Check out some of the beautiful hair colours created by our talented colour technicians at Hair Creations in Blackrock and Blanchardstown.  We have seen every hair colour problem there is and are happy to help rescue and repair your hair colour and condition!  We are also experts in creating new and creative hair colours.  Simply book a consultation today to get started on your hair colour journey.

Book A Colour Correction Consultation At haircreations In Dublin

We love to help our clients achieve their hair desires and can help you with your hair colour problems. Book your hair colour correction consultation at Hair Creations in Blackrock by calling (01) 288 4121 or Blanchardstown on (01) 821 0694.