Short Hair Ideas

4 Reasons to Go For The Chop!

If you are fed up with your long hair and feel it’s time to try something new, how about an on-trend short hairstyle?  At Hair Creations salons in Blanchardstown and Blackrock, our stylists are highly skilled in precision cutting and fully understand which hairstyles suit different face shapes. With that in mind, we can suggest some great short hairstyles that will look sensational on you.  If you are still in doubt about going for the chop, check out these 4 reasons to go short…

Make The Most Of Your Facial Features

We can create a short hairstyle that really enhances your facial features, making more of your beautiful eyes.  So get out the make-up and have some fun with a new look to go with your short chic hairstyle.

Short Hair Is Cool!

Who needs long hair hanging round their shoulders like a hot blanket?  A short hairstyle is cool in both senses of the word – super chic and it will keep you cooler when the weather gets hot. 

Save Time On Styling Your Hair

If you are tired of spending hours blow drying, curling or straightening your hair, a short hairstyle could be the perfect solution.  With a cropped look you can be ready in minutes.  Save yourself some time and effort and book a hair appointment at one of our Hair Creations salons today.

Shorter Hair Is Healthier Hair

By cutting away dry hair and split ends, your hair will look and feel healthier. Many people also opt for a fresh new hair colour to enhance their short hairstyle. The choice is entirely yours but our Wella hair colour experts are here to help if you want a colour transformation too! 

Book Your Short Hair Cut And Style At Hair Creations 

Convinced its time to go for short hair?  Book your appointment today by calling Hair Creations on the numbers below.