Introducing Wella BlondorPlex Toners!

Get Beautifully Blended Blonde Shades in Just 5 Minutes!

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Wella's incredible BlondorPlex Cream Toners are the targeted, express toning treatment you've been searching for. BondorPlex toners are the perfect addition to any colour or bleaching service. Thanks to specialised plex technology, these specially formulated toners result in 90 % less hair breakage during bleaching treatments and result in gorgeously blended blonde hues. BlondorPlex toner works on every hair texture and type, delivering transformative results in just 5 minutes. 

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The Benefits of BlondorPlex Cream Toners 

BlondorPlex Blonde Toner Hair Creations Dublin

We can add a BlondorPlex toning treatment to your bleaching service to achieve your ideal shade of blonde. Advantages of BlondorPlex include:

- Targeted Plex technology which rebuilds hair bonds and repairs damage.

- Quick and effective treatment that tones blonde hair beautifully in 5 minutes. 

- Goodbye to brassy shades and warm undertones. 

- Leaves hair feeling silkier and shinier with 90 % less breakage.

- Gentle shift technology that won't excessively lighten hair.

- Vegan formular.

Enjoy a Variety of Shades 

BlondorPlex Wella Toner Hair Creations Salon Dublin

Another brilliant benefit of BlondorPlex toners is the huge colour variety. The toner range works on all types of blondes, including cooler shades, neutral tones, and warmer hues. From the lightest pearl and pale silver to sienna beige and crystal vanilla, there is the perfect toning solution for every type of blonde. Wella also has a specialised colour booster toner for those wanting to rid their hair of unwanted brassiness and warm undertones. Our colour technicians will analyse your unique hair colour and find the perfect BlondorPlex toner shade to compliment your tones.

During bleaching, highlighting, and balayage services, we will always ensure that your hair health is a top priority. 

Beautify Your Blondes with BlondorPlex Today! 

If you're ready to get that perfect shade of blonde, why not book a colour consultation? Call Hair Creations in Blackrock on (01) 288 4121 or Hair Creations Roselawn, Blanchardstown on (01) 821 0694. Alterantively, you can book online here.